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What is an animal totem?  Simply put, it is energy in its purest and most honest form.  It is energy bestowed upon those in the animal kingdom – humans included – that serves to guide us, teach us, enable us, strengthen and heal us, and, in many cases, keep us alive. The First People, in their various cultures throughout the globe, knew of these energies and respected them while also honoring their messages, wisdom, and strength.  These seemingly ‘ignorant’ and insignificant peoples knew that they were not the center of the Universe, nor the wisest creature on the planet. Unfortunately, over time and the advent of civilization and the technological age, man has stopped knowing how to use these energies and is, ultimately, destined to fail if he doesn’t pull his head out of the sand and pay attention, as well as re-tune his instincts and energy to be more in balance with Mother Nature, the world, and ALL of the creatures upon thisEarth.  

As Sacred Grounds of this planet are further mutilated by man and his need to tame the wilderness, destroy the creatures upon Mother Earth, and leave permanent marks upon her that can be taken over by Mother Nature in a seeming wink of an eye, Animal energies are becoming stronger on the planet to give messages and awaken in man the vision that he needs to protect the planet, work well with humanity, and correct the wrongs that have been done.  Fortunately, these energies have not left us – not yet, anyway.  

People are born with Birth Animal Totems which are similar in nature to attributes of Astrological signs, but more detailed and sensitive,along with being felt along a more Earthly plane of existence.  Animals speak to our own varied intricacies and sensitivities where Astrological signs alone just begin to scratch the surface.  People who have devoted their lives to working with animals, and who are sensitive to their messages, movements, and their own way of communicating, can become finely tuned to their energy while also learning how to open themselves up to the various gifts that animals offer when they are willingly in our presence.  

There are many of us who are humbly blessed to be able to read this energy and share it with others so that the good work of people who want a more balanced life can flourish, grow, and gain strength.  Understanding, calm, and inner peace come to those who work with the animal energies that come to them.  When peace comes to a person, it radiates out like wave rings created in a pool of water when a stone is tossed into it.  The positive and enlightened energies of one have a way of benefiting others – like a domino effect. Animal totem energies vary in their intensity andpurpose.  For instance, a Birth Animal Totem is one that stays with you throughout your lifetime.  The animals of your own personal life totem, and there can be many, will move in and out of your life as they are needed.  Then, there are also animal totems that will move into your life for a very short period of time, sometimes returning often.  It is these final energies that I am blessed with the sensitivity to read for my many dear clients.  

Through development of an insight given to me by Spirit, I perform readings for you of animals whose energy has moved closely to you and are near you for the days ahead.  While some animals’ energy will walk with you for months or years, I connect with the animals that are there for the short haul that help you with your normal day-to-day living rather than the ones who are there to lend their energy to your bigger issues in life.  I focus on you and how each animal is speaking to you, for you, and only you.  Where there is always an overlaying concept with each animal’s visit, such as fear with Rabbit or deception with Owl, there is always a personal, more in-depth, message for you and your life that no other will receive – it is this that I connect with and give to you in my readings.  

On your part, it does take a little bit of getting used to if you aren’t accustomed to connecting with and understanding the animal energies around you.  Animal energies that speak to us are sometimes those that we fear the most, usually being the strongest creatures that we are to learn from.  So, we often must get an understanding of the animals or insects that trigger that fear to best move forward in our lives.  The benefits of overcoming these fears are monumental, though, and greatly benefit all that I’ve had the honor to read for on a weekly basis.  (Snake and Spider will show up frequently in readings for those with a fear of these creatures – there are NO bad or dark animal energies; bad and dark are created by man - not animal or nature.)   

If you are interested in this reading and want to see if you, too, can become more receptive to the energies of animals and reap their benefits, as well as conquer fears, may I suggest that you try a few readings?  At the low cost of just $7.95 per reading, you are investing very little cash on something that will gain you great insight.   

If you’d like to give it more time than just a week or two, for just $22.85 you can purchase four readings that will be delivered to you, via internet, every 7 to 14 days. 

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