Karmic Debt Reading

 We all have it and it affects all of our lives, whether we like it or not.  Karmic Debt is not something that we can just wish away or stomp our feet like angry children and say I don’t wanna or I’m not gonna!  Nope – sorry – Karma doesn’t work that way.  For us to be successful and at peace in our current lives we must learn how to work to repay our debt accrued from past lives.  No matter how good your credit score is in this life, that doesn’t matter two hoots to the real score keeper – The Universe.

I have worked with the energy of numbers and their importance since I was just a little bitty thing and have long known the value of living Karma’s path which, I will admit, sometimes isn’t easy.  I now perform readings for you, the public, that I have long done for family and friends.  My Karmic Debt Reading will give you insight into how you need to repay your Karmic Debt, and why, along with other information that can change your life for the better if you so choose to live a Karmic path.  For the small sum of just $49.95 (US funds securely paid thru PayPal) you will receive a full reading that averages 10 pages of information and contains answers as to why or how you’ve racked up the negative energies that seem to plague you.

Within 72 hours of receiving confirmation of your order, I will contact you at the e-mail address that you supply to PayPal in regards to the information that I will need to fulfill your order.  All of the information you supply me with is fully private and will be shared with no one else.  After I receive your response, your reading will be completely typed and sent to you as an attachment, via your private e-mail address, within approximately 30 days.

Thank you so very much.  I look forward to reading for you.

I bid you Peace,


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