Druidic Readings


 Many centuries ago, the Druids were a highly magical and mystical group of the Celtic culture that remains an enigma to this day.  Science and historians admit that these intelligent people had a great knowledge of nature, animals, and the energies of the Earth, along with a highly meaningful connection with the energies of the Universe.
I, Mariah de la Croix, am honored, privileged, and humbled to have been able to connect with my past life Druidic time assisted by Spirit and the guidance of a great mentor who is now is spirit.  The time was right for my journey under this veil, which was led by a very strong Tiger whom I greatly honor and thank.  This is a great journey for me and much has been revealed that often gives me a touch of Butterflies in the tummy as I wander back into this ancient time.

We are now offering readings that are Druidic in origin.  This reading will show you energies that have been traveling with you through your past, present, and future, along with patterns of life lessons moving through your life, challenges you've recently met or lessons recently learned, and what is working for you and against you in your life's pursuit or in reference to something that you have a strong concern about.  The more highly charged the question you ask, the stronger the message.  I incorporate animal energies and their messages with the messages from the Ancients to give you a highly interesting, informative, and helpful reading.  Each reading is completely typed out for you in its entirety and sent to you via private e-mail in an attachment that you can easily print out and read at your leisure.  Answers to any questions brought about by your reading are answered at no extra charge and communication will be done to you directly, also through your private e-mail address.

Each reading averages 4 pages in length and I am currently offering this fully detailed reading for the price of just $34.95, which does include any and all follow-up questions answered at no charge.   Within 48 hours of receiving notice of your purchase through PayPal, I will contact you personally at the e-mail address that you provide to PayPal, confirming receipt of your order and also asking what your concern is or what your question is.  You will then receive your full reading within 3 - 5 days' time, in its entirety. 

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