Cartomancy Reading

 Cartomancy, simply put, is divination by using cards as a focus.  This can be Tarot cards that have their own special meanings, or even regular playing cards that have messages totally different from the images of the Tarot and are often more direct, pointing to specific individuals in your life that will help you or harm you.  This type of reading is ancient - centuries old - yet has been adapted by many over the years to suit the needs of the world.  Originally, it is thought that the Romany people introduced the cards to Europe in the 15th century, but evidence of cards to aid a person in their path has been found as far back as in the legendary Book of Thoth used by ancient Egyptians.  Where decks of Tarot cards don't speak to me at all, regular playing cards do, and I thoroughly enjoy reading them, having read for many in the time that I have been honing my gifts.  My style in reading does often reveal things that have the semblance of predictions and, depending upon the mood of the person who I read for, can be taken seriously or with a grain of salt.  We do all have free will and one will, at least, find my readings informative and insightful, often confirming what one is already thinking is going on around them.  I have several readings that I am becoming proficient at, but am currently offering only the Seven Sisters Reading to the public. 
Thank you, Mariah.

The Seven Sisters Cartomancy Reading...

This is a reading where you can ask a specific question about what is working around you at the current time causing issues in your life with your marriage, your home, finances, work, or just life in general.  You can ask a question regarding your immediate situation or what will be coming up to prepare for in the coming months.  Seven facets are read and all is typed out clearly for you and sent to you as an attachment in an e-mail for you to print out, read at your leisure, and keep handy.  I offer a full reading of one question with free follow-up answers for just $29.95 (US funds) or a package of 4 questions with free follow-up on all for just $84.95 (US funds) and your set of 4 questions can be asked all at one time or they can be spaced out over a period of time - that choice is yours.  Your reading will be completed for you within 72 hours of my contacting you via the e-mail that you provide to PayPal and I will contact you, initially and directly, within 72 hours of receiving confirmation of your order through PayPal.  All of your information is completely secure with us and we share none of your information with anyone in any way, shape, or form.  Scroll down this page to find the PayPal buttons for the Seven Sisters Reading of One or Four. 

Thank you and I'm looking forward to reading for you soon, 

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