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Feel free to contact us with questions if you aren't sure of what you want.  Usually, Spirit knows and can help guide you.

Lady Mariah

  I  am Mariah de la Croix and I, along with my husband, Adrian Hildebrand,  welcome you to our website.  We have been involved in giving readings of  guidance, hope, strength, and healing for many years, providing service  to the public since 2010.  Prior to that time we gave different  readings to friends, relatives, coworkers, and neighbors which enabled  us to develop our own ways of connecting with Spirit that is unique,  enlightening, and contemplative for all.     Adrian honed his skills in reading of runes and astrology while  living in Canada prior to moving to Arizona in the late 1970’s.  His is a  spiritual path that has taken him great distances over the years, with  some ups and downs that increased his ability to connect with the  energies of the stones and the stars somewhat differently than others.     I developed my sensitivities throughout my life, having been born and  raised in America’s heartland of the Northern Midwest, eventually to  also move to Arizona in the 1970’s.  We have been blessed to be able to  connect well with Spirit and our Higher Power in the hope of bringing  light where little shines for some people.      Our abilities grew, as we did, during years of great soul-searching and  spiritual development.  From this journey we have developed readings that  speak to you of your Karmic Debt or Personal Animal Totem Energies.  We are able to  inform you of energies surrounding various issues in your life through  Cartomancy Seven Sisters and/or Druidic  readings.  We are always working on  new and interesting readings that sometimes make it to the public, but  are usually presented to you when you retain our services for 30 Days.     None of the readings we offer are computer generated copies in any  way and each is done for you and only you.  No two people are alike, therefore no two readings are alike.  I have also been blessed to grow up in an atmosphere where engagement with spiritual energies, and even spirits themselves, seemed to come easily while working in laboratories, private  homes, and the funeral industry where energies and encounters with  spirits and strong energies were in abundance.  I consider myself to be  more of an empath with spirits than a medium, so I do NOT read spirits that are around you unless they come through whilst I am in the process of completing a reading for you.  Though I have had numerous  encounters with spirits throughout my life, finding them quite enlightening or challenging at times, I prefer to allow my Spirit Guides to work with me directly. ~~ I have  sometimes been asked why I chose the name of Lady Mariah for my website originally.   That answer is a simple one – I thought it was pretty and Spirit  guided me to do so.   Thank you so very much and may many wonderful blessings be yours.   Take care and we bid you Peace.